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The diversity in our fleet allows us to handle many job scopes from big to small.

Manzer Environmental


Our steamers are insulated van bodies equipped with multiple hose reels in order to get the job done safely and efficiently. Our trucks have either a 400,000 BTU burner or 1 Million BTU Burners.

Manzer Environmental


Our Tri-Drive Semi-Vac we provide is equipped with 30m3 capacity debris tank. The unit comes with H2S Scrubbing technology to prevent any harm to personnel or the environment.

Manzer Environmental


Our water trucks can provide groundwater services for our clientele. The 16m3 volume can be used for dust control, rig services, ice roads.

Manzer Environmental


The tri-drive hydro-vacs we run are equipped with 4 m​3 wash water and 10m3 debris.  Our hydrovacs are equipped with bonding matts and operators that can perform each job up to your expectations

Manzer Environmental


Our 10,000 Psi Pressure trucks we provide have 10m3 volume equipped with 2 separate compartments. We have the ability to load fluid ourselves through bowie pumps. Each equipped with tank cleaning technology.

Manzer Environmental


Our Fluid Hauling Divison is set up with multiple tri-drive body job units with 22m3 volume. We actively use our quad wagons or tri-axle pups. This setup we have is the ideal solution for muddy and wet conditions.

Manzer Environmental


Combo units equipped with H2S Scrubbers and bowie pumps in order to maintain the environment and our clientele needs. Our fleet has tandem and tri-drive units available. Each unit holds 4m3 wash water/10m3 debris.

Manzer Environmental


Manzer Environmental is able to provide flotation tires for all our units that meet our clients' needs.

Manzer Environmental


Capacity of 22 m3 or 32 m3, our sour sealed trailer units are utilized for transferring hazardous fluid.

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